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Wake up your workout for spring

Into yoga? Maybe try Credit: Metro Joshua Bright Into yoga? Maybe try resistance training.
Credit: Metro Joshua Bright

April is almost here, which means Summer is right around the corner. Results happen when you step out of your comfort zone, so if you’ve been cycling for 10 years or only do Pilates, now’s the time to try something different to get bikini-ready. Check out these swaps from Lashaun Dale and Lisa Wheeler, Senior Group Fitness Creative Managers for Equinox.

If you do: Studio Cycling
Try: Yoga
Cycling is predominantly a cardiovascular activity that is focused on the lower body and core. Yoga poses will strengthen your upper body, reverse the postural imbalance of the forward flexion associated with cycling and open up your hips for a more mobile body (and will make your cycling classes more productive!).

If you do: HIIT
Try: Myofascial Release
With the popularity of High Intensity Interval Training, many people are over training and getting injured. By incorporating recovery work such as foam rolling or therapy ball massage into your workout mix, you will see bigger and better results in your training.

If you do: Yoga
Try: Resistance Training
Throw in some dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, or Body Bars — anything to add in external resistance to a workout. Yoga is definitely a strength builder, but rock your workout by trying integrated and compound resistance training to build lean muscle.

If you do: Pilates
A major portion of Pilates programming is either performed on a mat or specialized equipment and often lacks a metabolic component. Adding some high intensity interval training will boost metabolism, increase aerobic capacity and aid in weight management.

If you do: Treadmill Training/Running
Try: Loaded Movement Training
Like Studio Cycling, Treadmill Training is predominantly a cardiovascular activity that is focused on the lower body and core. You can adapt to this activity quickly and possibly plateau, which you want to avoid. Adding multi-directional loaded movement with equipment options like ViPR and SandBells will shock your body into breaking new ground and gaining new results. The added benefit of gaining muscular strength and definition through integrated movement creates a more balanced body.

If you do: Heavy Lifting/Strength Training
Try: Body Weight Training and Pilates
Adding in body weight training like yoga will help strengthen your core and postural muscles, creating more stability, mobility and fluid motion. Pilates, with a focus on precision and technique, will further enhance core strength therefore making your workouts better and safer.

If you do: Barre
Try: Treadmill Training
Barre, a low impact multi directional, multi-joint movement experience, focuses on intense legwork and upper body strength. To reboot your workout routine and get the best results possible, a cardio component like treadmill training fits the bill. Full range of motion walking, jogging and running drills complement the strength gains from barre while avoiding the dreaded plateau.

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