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Wal-Mart butters up the boroughs

Wal-Mart may not be in New York City just yet, but it’s coming to a mailbox near you.

The store’s newest pitch to New Yorkers is through direct mail, telling borough dwellers they deserve Wal-Mart aisles. A company spokesman said Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn residents will soon be receiving postcards.

Residents in East New York, where Council Member Charles Barron is fighting a proposed store, received the mailings this week, he said.

“That tells you that this is a greedy corporation,” he said of their overtures. He plans a “Wal-Mart-Free Zone” campaign, with PowerPoint, booklets and a website, for his district.

The ads were geared toward a City Council meeting about Wal-Mart’s effect on small businesses that was postponed until Feb. 3.