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Want a scoop of — pizza?

Want a scoop of — pizza?
Zac Wolf

Chocolate or vanilla? Stop that noise. Jacqueline Dole, the mastermind chef behind The Parlor Ice Cream Co. creates inventive flavors like Too Matcha Mochi, a blend of matcha tea and the Japanese rice cake mochi, and Berry Cheesy, farmers cheese mixed with jam for restaurants around Boston. The 27-year-old considers ice cream the “quintessential treat.”
“I remember going to get ice cream with my grandmother and sitting down for a film with a pint,” she says. But it was her time as pastry chef at Mei Mei that gave Dole the confidence and creative freedom to build her unique deserts.
So what’s she currently cooking up?
“A pizza ice cream — that I’m really happy about,” she says. “[It’s got ] a parmesan cheese base and roasted tomato jam.” And the savory flavors don’t stop there. To celebrate the upcoming barbecue season, Dole says she’ll incorporate more smoked infusions to her scoops. And since summer is around the corner, she’s also whipping up a batch of pina colada.
We know, we know, where can you get your hands on these mind-blowing flavors? While The Parlor Ice Cream Co. doesn’t have a permanent location, Dole definitely says it’s in future plans. For now, you can find her flavors at a number of Boston-area restaurants, including Aurum Pies in Jamaica Plain, starting in May.
Pints will also be available for home delivery via online order. If you’re looking to meet Dole and taste-test her ice creams, she’s hosting an Italian Dinner Night and Fermentation 101 Workshop at Aurum on May 9.