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Want to get rich? Bet on the Patriots NOT going undefeated

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The Patriots will be the best team in the NFL next season. That’s a fact that is probably hard to deny.

The Patriots have an easy schedule in 2017. Not the easiest, as some would suggest, but four games against the Bills and Jets certainly helps. 

The Patriots going undefeated is possible — but not as possible as you think. And certainly not as possible as Las Vegas is predicting.

The gambling website bookmaker.eu came out with game-by-game betting odds for the Patriots and there are a bevy of opportunities to get rich, quick.

The odds listed are for when the Pats will lose their first game of the regular season:

Week 1 v Kansas City Chiefs +360   
Week 2 At New Orleans Saints +600   
Week 3 v Houston Texans +1200   
Week 4 v Carolina Panthers +1000   
Week 5 At Tampa Bay Buccaneers +450   
Week 6 At New York Jets +5000   
Week 7 v Atlanta Falcons +1200   
Week 8 v LA Chargers +2000   
Week 10 At Denver Broncos +1200   
Week 11 At Oakland Raiders +1800   
Week 12 v Miami Dolphins +10000   
Week 13 At Buffalo Bills +5000   
Week 14 At Miami Dolphins +5000   
Week 15 At Pittsburgh Steelers +1500   
Week 16 v Buffalo Bills +15000   
Week 17 v New York Jets +25000   

The numbers listed are they payout for a gambler on a $100 bet. So, say you bet on the game with the best odds, the Cheifs in Week 1 and the Pats lose? You’d win $260 on your $100 bet. 

The odds are quite spectacularly high on some games. At the Steelers? A rematch versus the Falcons? On the road against Miami? These are landmine games and the Pats have a history of struggling in Miami and against Pittsburgh. Or what about that final game, against the Jets? If the Patriots pull a 2011 and try to go for 16-0 with a bruised and battered team in the final game of the year in New York, maybe they lay an egg. It’s worth a try — you could buy a new car with those winnings.

Betting $100 on every single regular season game would cost $1,600. If the Patriots lose (for the first time) in any of nine of their 16 games, you could more than win your money back. 

Not surprisingly, the odds are slightly more reasonable — though still potentially lucrative — when the playoffs start.

AFC Divisional Round +2000   
AFC Conference Round +2000
Super Bowl LII +2000
Undefeated (19-0) +2500

If nothing else, the numbers are interesting and certainly tantalizing for a gambler. Will the Pats lose to the team they’re most expected to (they are still eight point favorites in the season opener)? Or, as is most often the case, will they lose to a random team no one expected toward the end of the season?

It’s worth a gamble, no?

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