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WATCH: Chinese boy urinates all over elevator, receives instant karma

Credit: YouTube

A young Chinese boy urinates in an elevator and received instant karma for his prank.

According to Chinese media outlet site South China Morning Post, a young boy in southwest China urinated on the button panel of an elevator as a prank.  

The incident was captured on a security camera in the elevator and the footage was shared by several Chinese media outlets.

The video shows the young whiz kid riding in the elevator before unbuttoning his pants, taking aim like a skilled marksman and sending a stream of urine all over the button panel of the elevator.

After he was done drenching the button panel with urine, he prepared to get off the elevator but little did he know that liquid and electronics do not go well together.

Chinese boy urinates in elevator

Like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, all of the buttons on the elevator began to flicker, causing a short-circuit in the panel and eventually causing the light inside the elevator to go out.

The peeing prankster frantically tried to press all the buttons in the elevator hoping the doors would open, but nothing seemed to work for him.  The boy appears to have a mini-meltdown and starts hopping around in the elevator, but it was too late. 

The trickster was trapped in an elevator and forced to stand in his own urine.

According to local Chinese media, the boy was rescued after causing the power outage. He was not injured.

The video was posted to China’s social media site Weibo, which is similar to Twitter under the headline “Stop being naughty!” according to the South China Morning Post.  

According to Newsweek, the video has over 12 million views and received more than 200,000 comments, with many of the Weibo users saying he got what he deserved. 

According to Beijing News, the boy’s father is questioning the authenticity of the video and doesn’t quite believe that his son has the skills to urinate that high. 

“He [the father] says that his son cannot yet urinate that high, he doesn’t believe it, and his son won’t admit it, says he didn’t do it,” a reporter who spoke with the father told Chinese media.

Chinese boy urinates in elevator

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