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Watch Jimmy Kimmel attempt the ‘Chandelier’ dance

If you’re responsible for a few of the 51 million plus views on Sia’s “Chandelier” video, you’re probably pretty familiar with the dance routine 11-year-old Maddie Ziegler performs in it. Since Ziegler is also on a TV show called “Dance Moms,” it’s clear at this point that she’s an ace dancer. That doesn’t stop Jimmy Kimmel and his pal Guillermo from attempting the dance themselves, complete with wigs, costumes and a replica of the derelict house Ziegler performed the original dance in.

The results are about what you’d expect, with a very game Ziegler explaining the moves and then telling the men to sell it with their faces if they’re uncertain about the dancing. Guillermo does some solid crazy eyes, it should be said, but otherwise they might want to leave the dancing to Ziegler.

Be honest: You’ve tried the dance at home yourself, haven’t you?

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