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WATCH: Kids burst into room during live BBC interview

A professor was being interviewed by a television program from his home when his two children came in and stole the show.

Professor Robert Kelly, and expert on Korean politics was discussing serious issues regarding the impeachment of Korea’s president Park-Geon-hye when his two children opened the door and came into the room.

First, his daughter marches into the room and starts dancing.

“I think one of your children just walked in,” says the person at the television studio.

Professor Kelly struggles to get his daughter out of the shot, but like a true professional, he keeps a straight face.

Seconds later, another child in a walker steps in.

At shouting woman zooms into the room corrals both of the kids, opens the door and tries to bring them out the door.

It appears that she had difficulty getting them out the room, because the next thing we see is her reaching into the room from her knees to shut the door.

This guy deserves an award and/or a cold beer for being able to remain calm and keep a straight face in the midst of chaos.

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