WATCH: NCAA fan crashes through table to celebrate Buffalo Bulls beating Arizona – Metro US

WATCH: NCAA fan crashes through table to celebrate Buffalo Bulls beating Arizona

Bulls fans crashes through folding table

The Buffalo Bulls, who had the 13th seed going into Thursday’s NCAA game against the 4th-seeded Arizona Wildcats, came out on top in what was a surprising 89-68 victory.

In fact, almost 93 percent of CBS Sports brackets had Arizona winning the game — and, of the 17.3 million ESPN brackets, just over 90 percent had that same outcome. Clearly, no one thought the Bulls would come out on top.

The Bulls will face off against Kentucky (seeded 5th) at 5:15 EST tomorrow. 

One fan of the team from the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) was so excited about the win that he crashed through a folding table — which apparently isn’t a new thing for Buffalo. Bills fans have been known to hurl themselves through folding tables at NFL home games, the Washington Post revealed. It’s kind of a tradition.

Like so:

And so:


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They’re called the Bills Mafia.

Bulls coach Nate Oats even said prior to Thursday night’s match, “Listen, if we get the win, I’m sure somebody’s gonna dive through a folding table after the game.” Welp, sure enough, UB student Kyle Hughes didn’t disappoint.

“A PROMISE IS A PROMISE,” Hughes wrote in a Twitter post after the Bulls won, tagging Oats in a video that has been picked up by major networks such as Sports Illustrated and Barstool Sports. Watch below (mind you, this all happened in the snow):

Hughes diving through a folding table after Bulls win pt. 2 

Here’s another angle for your viewing pleasure:

As it turns out, Hughes also took the Internet by storm in February when he won 12 medium pizzas by making a half-court shot during a college basketball game. It was like he won the lottery. Watch below:

So, pizzas and a broken back — sounds like a blast. This really is some March madness. Go Bulls!