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WATCH: Panda face-plants while playing with a snowman

It’s officially the first day of winter, so why not celebrate it by watching a cute but klutzy panda play with a snowman?

Da Mao, who resides at the Toronto Zoo in Canada, promptly wanted to play when he found a new snowman friend in his enclosure on Tuesday.

He first stroked the snowman’s side, dusting snow all over his belly before climbing on top of its head. When he inevitably falls off, Da Mao takes the snowman’s head with him.

The panda comes back from another angle to try to scale what we’re dubbing “Mount Snowman” only to have another epic fail, this time head first.

Da Mao splays out on top of the snowman’s torso, swiping the powder from its side, seemingly exhausted from his ordeal only to — you guessed it — face-plant yet again.

He gives up after a few more tries and lies down to dust his face with snow, but he has one more climb in him.Mount Snowman, however, proves to be a worthy adversary, and Da Mao succumbs one final time, this time taking a tumble down a hill.

May we all find time to enjoy winter with such happiness.

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