WATCH: Ryan Lochte talks to Matt Lauer about Olympic fail in Brazil

The lead up to the Rio Olympics was full of trepidation. With the political and economic issues the host country faced, would the event in Brazil be a disaster was the question everyone wanted answered? However, the only disaster to come out of Rio seems to be Ryan Lochte’s career.

Lochte’s exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on NBC aired on Saturday. If you missed it, check out the clip below.

Lochte posted the following statement one day before the interview aired.

A photo posted by Ryanlochte (@ryanlochte) on

​Initially,Lochte claimed thathe and friends were held up at a gas stationduring the Summer Games. The story went from Lochte sayinghe had a gun to his headto — after video footage emerged—the gun was not not pointed at Lochte’s head, but in his general direction.

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And the robbery?Not a robbery at all, Brazilian officials said. The six-timegold medalist and his teammates were caught vandalizing a gas station and the money the U.S. swimmers handed over was reportedly to pay for the damage.

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