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Watch the ‘Dorothy Must Die’ book trailer

Dorothy Must Die “Dorothy Must Die” comes out today.

The resurgence of fairy tales is nothing new, and now there’s a new classic children’s story being reimagined with an inventive new twist. “Dorothy Must Die” (out today) is not the “Wizard in Oz” story you’re familiar with. In this new book, Dorothy has become the ruler of the land, where it’s a bit more difficult to distinguish the “good witches” from the “bad witches.”

As the new ruler, the power has gone to her head and she is no longer the sweet blue and white gingham wearing girl we all know and love. To restore order, another girl from Kansas is on a mission to kill Dorothy.

Reeling off the success of “Beauty and the Beast,” the CW is already planning on turning “Dorothy Must Die” into a TV show. If the book trailer is a tease for what’s to come, you can expect lots of suspense and dark, gritty humor. Get your first look here:

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