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Water is better choice for Toronto schoolchildren

Re: Moving to aspartame-only vending machines? (June 10)

Having read the article on the Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) consideration of moving to aspartame-only vending machines in Toronto area schools, I cannot help but voice concerns over this.

As a biological chemist, I have read numerous research papers suggesting aspartame has been considered a potential carcinogen since its inception as a low-calorie sweetener. Aspartame metabolizes into methane and formic acid, which is a precursor to formaldehyde (embalming liquid/preservative agent).

Why the TDSB has even considered such a proposal from industry sponsors is preposterous. The industry has everything to gain from this initiative and, unfortunately, the ones that have everything to lose are the students.

Here’s a thought: Why not just dispense water in schools? It’s a lower-cost alternative and at least it isn’t fortified with things our body doesn’t need. Last time I checked, water didn’t contain any calories.

The TDSB needs to smarten up.

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