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Watson claims O’Brien secretly wants party politics at city hall

According to a nine-month-old email exchange released by mayoral candidate Jim Watson, Larry O’Brien secretly wants to bring political parties to city hall.

Watson issued an open letter to O’Brien Wednesday calling on the mayor to clarify his position.
O’Brien admitted to pondering party politics at a municipal level, but said he’s come to the conclusion it has no place in Ottawa.

O’Brien said he couldn’t remember the context of the emails, but believes they were sent around the same time Watson told him that one of the reasons he wanted to get back into municipal politics was because he wouldn’t get a pension from Queen’s Park.

“I would never think to bring something like that up during a campaign,” said O’Brien. “For Jim Watson, a former McGuinty cabinet minister, to start throwing these things around, it just shows you exactly how panicked he must be.”

Watson denied ever discussing his pension with O’Brien, saying that it is a complete fabrication

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