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We bet you’ve never heard of the world’s largest archipelago

Have you heard of the Aland Islands? Turku Archipelago? These are a few of the spots you have to visit off of Finland’s coast. If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the hunt for a new and exciting travel destination. Architecture hunting in Portugal? Painkiller (it’s their signature cocktail, guys) sipping in the British Virgin Islands? Sign us up. 

And now wanderlust types have a new reason to beeline to the majestic Southwestern coast of Finland. 2017 marks 100 years of independence for Finland, so it’s a pretty great time to plot your adventure. 

You may have never heard of many of the islands on this Baltic Sea prize, but it’s actually the world’s largest archipelago (an archipelago is a fancy geographic term for a group of clustered islands). The archipelago consists of 2,000+ islands (that’s a lot to add to your bucket list, we know).

In terms of adventure, there’s lots to choose from. Vibes range from historic manors to natural splendors with lighthouses you can even book for the night. Sport junkies may enjoy hiking, sailing and canoeing.

Others may enjoy underwater tours or touring The Kvarken Archipelago, known for its’ fascinating geology and World Heritage Site status. Translation: Soak up epic nature here. There, you can enjoy a wide array of fantastic activities ranging from hopping on a cruise to biking.

Another fun option for travelers? Venture over to the Åland Islands where you can go on a treasure hunt (yes, really) or participate in a cycling or running race. Needless to say, this is a vacation where you definitely want to bring your best camera along for the ride.

For more information, and enough gorgeous, charming, beyond flawless imagery to make you want to book your trip today, you can check out visitfinland.com/archipelago.

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