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We pair happy TV shows on Netflix with Ben & Jerry’s flavors

When real life feels like an episode of “Black Mirror,” it’s time to dive into the wonderful world of feel-good television. Whether you need to tune out reality for a night, a weekend or the next four years, Netflix has loads of ways to keep you laughing. From throwback shows like “30 Rock” and “Friends” to newer gems like “Portlandia,” you can binge-watch your sadness away — at least, temporarily. For added comfort, we’ve included a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor to pair with your television viewing.

“The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) goes from spending most of her life trapped in a cult underground to living in the fast-paced frenzy of New York City. Watch her experience the Big Apple with the enthusiasm of a child, making new friends along the way. Netflix has both seasons of the Tina Fey-produced show available.

Ben & Jerry’s pairing: Confetti Cake

With vanilla cake, sprinkles and frosting — this exuberant new flavor screams Kimmy Schmidt.

“Family Guy”

The irreverent and hilarious animated series is the millennial’s answer to “The Simpsons” and follows the day-to-day life of The Griffin family. From characters like Stewie, a mad genius baby determined to take over the world, to Brian, a talking dog with a penchant for martinis and piano bars, “Family Guy” is so out there and yet so relatable. With 14 seasons to dig into, you’ll feel like you’re a part of this offbeat family in no time.

Ben & Jerry’s pairing: Chubby Hubby

Peanut butter and pretzels in a vanilla malt ice cream? This is definitely an ode to one of America’s favorite “chubby hubbies,” Peter Griffin.


Have a hankering for 90s nostalgia? Even if you were too young to remember those carefree days of denim jackets and scrunchies, you can totally relive it through watching “Friends.” The hit show focuses on a group of friends living out their twenties in New York City — in search of good times, employment and romance. The theme song itself is enough to put you in a good mood and you have 10 seasons to stream to hear it over and over again.

Ben & Jerry’s pairing: Half Baked

It’s a classic, just like this show! And who could say no to cookie dough in ice cream?


Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein team up to play the many quirky characters that make up this fictionalized version of Portland. From the Goth weirdos to the feminist bookstore owners to even themselves, it’s easy to burn through one season in a night. Lucky for you, Netflix has six of seven seasons available for your streaming pleasure.

Ben & Jerry’s pairing: Karamel Sutra Core

The people of Portland are all about finding their center while you are all about digging into the center of this caramel-filled ice cream.

“30 Rock”

If you’ve never watched this show before, it’s about time you’ve been schooled. This Tina Fey-created gem is a cult obsession and moves so fast, missing a joke or two the first time you’re watching is to be expected. With Alec Baldwin starring as network titan, Jack Donaghy and Tina Fey as television producer, Liz Lemon, you’ll not only laugh your heart out but be armed with funny one-liners for years to come. Netflix has seven out of seven seasons available to stream.

Ben & Jerry’s pairing: New York Super Fudge Chunk

Go big or go home. With all the chocolate goodness packed into this pint, you’ll be wired all night long for your “30 Rock” journey.

So what shows will you be watching this weekend? Tell us in the comments below. Feel free to include a Ben & Jerry’s flavor to go along with it.