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Week 1: What We Learned

Let’s get right the takeaways from a very busy — and successful Week 1.

* If you read this blog, you’re probably sick of hearing about Matthew Stafford. Well, now what do you think? He threw for 265 and two touchdowns in the first half today. If healthy, he’ll push to be fantasy’s No. 1 quarterbacks.

* LeGarrette Blount is in some trouble. When the Bucs get behind, he doesn’t play. He can’t catch or pass protect.

* Steven Jackson has a quad strain. The add is Cadillac Williams, but I’m not too excited about it.

* Kenny Britt is a beast. Again, talent rises to the top. Hopefully you were on him.

* Chris Johnson is going to be fine. He’ll get tons more touches going forward.

* Ray Rice got all the goal-line work, as expected. Ride him.

* Antonio Brown worked ahead of Emmanuel Sanders as the No. 3 WR in PITT — for now.

* Tim Hightower barely came off the field. Mike Shanahan is in love with him.

* I couldn’t have been more impressed by Cam Newton. Not just numbers, but looking comfortable, going to secondary receivers, showing accuracy. He’s a solid QB2.

* Ryan Fitzpatrick is a perfect fit for the Chan Gailey system. This offense is better than you think.

* I’m not buying Cedric Benson’s big game. A lot of it came in garbage time and the Browns’ front seven is awful.

* Evan Moore=Red Zone beast.

* As predicted here, the Colts are in really big trouble. Kerry Collins can’t play and their entire team is built to fit Peyton Manning’s skills. Dallas Clark is being used as a blocker and Austin Collie is on the bench as they rarely went 3-wide.

* Mike Tolbert has a minor injury, but he’s the obvious red-zone back. Oh, and Vincent Jackson is going to be just fine. Stay calm.

* Michael Crabtree’s left foot is acting up yet again. Dump him.

* Ben Tate is a nice add and an excellent player. But his outburst is worse news for Arian Foster, who won’t be rushed back.

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