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Weekend read: ‘Brave Enough’ by Cheryl Strayed

Brave Enough

Author Cheryl Strayed has become somewhat of an advice guru. People were following her advice before even knowing it was Strayed who was giving it through her Dear Sugar column for The Rumpus. Replying anonymously to the desperate advice seekers who would write in, Strayed wove words to live by while also revealing much about her own personal life. After her identity was revealed, a compiliation of her Dear Sugar column turned into the best-selling book, “Tiny Beautiful Things.”

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Then came “Wild,” Strayed’s memoir and story of walking the Pacific Crest Trail shortly after her mother’s death and after the demise of her marriage. The book, of course, was turned into a blockbuster movie starring Reese Witherspoon. Readers of the book were inspired by Strayed’s writing, and ability to tough it out in the wake of adversity.

Now, Strayed is back with a new book, “Brave Enough.” The book is a compilation of various Strayed-isms and life mottos. They are the type of phrases you write down and keep in your wallet, or at least tweet to your followers, giving them something to think about. Whether you want to gift a friend with something that could help them through a hard time or just want to feel inspired yourself, “Brave Enough” is a book worth checking out.

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