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What a relief, says Sloane

Dawn Sloane let out a sigh of relief after hearing that the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank is remaining open.

“It’s great because they give so much to this community and aid so many people that need their services,” said the area’s councillor late yesterday, after word came that Parker Street’s food supplier would continue delivering goods to the privately run food bank on Maynard Street.

“They need this help, and it’s so great because it’s in an area that has a lot of individuals that need aid.”

Sloane said she can now cancel previous plans to try to save the well-known and much-used food bank.

“We were thinking about sending letters to Sobeys and basically starting a campaign to help them out,” she said.

Before hearing the good news yesterday, some Parker Street Food Bank users spoke in dire terms about what the closure would mean to them.

“It would pretty much put me out,” Chris Riley said while packing crackers and canned food into his backpack yesterday morning. “It’s hard to find food in the city, especially cheap, affordable food that isn’t horrible for you.”

Parker Street said it helped more than 16,400 people in 2009, distributing more than $1.7 million in groceries.

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