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What are Squishies?

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The soft, scented toys are approaching fidget-spinner status among children. But Squishies aren’t just for kids. Here’s what you need to know about this new fad.

Squishies smell good 

Some squishies come equipped with a scent that reflects the toy’s shape. Strawberry squishies smell like the sweet fruit, cake smells like delicious baked goods, and so on.

Squishies keep you calm

Much like slime, stress balls and fidget spinners, squishies are designed to relieve stress by letting people release their excess energy. 

Squishies come in many forms

Although many squishies look like food — donuts, ice cream, cookies — some of them also look like animals or ordinary objects. 

Squishies aren’t expensive

Small sizes, which fit in the palm of a hand, can run as low as $1 for one, and you can buy a pack of 20 assorted squishies for $15 on Amazon. Larger squishies, such as a 3-tier cake squishy, runs as high as $20 for one. 

Squishies are durable

They’re made from elastic PU foam, which allows the toys to have a slow rising effect.