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What did Malcolm Butler do and why was he benched?

What, did, Malcolm Butler, do, Why, was, he, benched

We are now over a half a day removed from the finale of Super Bowl LII and no one is still quite sure why Patriots head coach Bill Belichick benched cornerback Malcolm Butler in the most important game of the year.

Something must have happened during the week in Minneapolis for Belichick to have to resort to sitting arguably his best defensive player, and there has only been one real leak so far.

If true, this would explain it.

“A family friend who I trust, is well connected in law enforcement and was in Minny this week with local cops told me Butler missed curfew, got caught with weed when he came back late to hotel, and subsequently had a meltdown on coaches,” wrote Joey Cartolano, on Twitter. Cartolano describes himself as a “On hiatus fantasy football writer.”

Cartolano added: “I am not a reporter. I am not accusing anyone of anything. Was passing along info from a friend that was the best explanation. I have heard and thought that would bring some clarity to fellow Pats fans. Please stop making this more than that.”

Belichick and Butler had an ugly contract dispute last spring and Butler’s relationship with the organization has been contentious for quite some time. However, Butler played in over 98 percent of snaps this season for the Pats, leading many to believe there is a secondary story here other than the narrative that the Patriots are officially telling.

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