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What do New Yorkers hate about New York?

New Yorkers are a brash, opinionated people, and when they like something, they like it, and when they don’t, well, you’ll soon know all about it.

But what is their most-hated thing about living in New York? Surprisingly, it isn’t too-damn-high rents or sky-high mortgages — it’s actually one of the things that make New York the city that never sleeps.

According to a new study from real estate site Trulia, the No. 1 thing New Yorkers reported to 311 last year were noise complaints. More than 212,000 reports about noise were made, with more than half of them about loud music and parties, while banging, loud TVs and voices followed suit.

The loudest neighborhoods, per Trulia’s study of 311 complaints, were Bedford-Stuyvesant and Harlem.

New Yorkers are more peeved about noise than they are when their building’s heat and hot water is on the blink, which is their No. 2 issue. Blocked driveways and street conditionscame in third.

And if you got a parking ticket at any point in 2016, there’s a good chance a neighbor may have ratted you out: 117,474 calls to 311 reported illegal parking.

Check out the breakdown of last year’s reports to 311:

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