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What should Snooki name her unborn baby?

Waaaaah! Snooki’s pickle fetish is about to go through the roof, if you’re inclined to believe the reports that she really is pregnant, after all.

Now that the initial shock of a tiny, tan, Snookified baby entering the world has passed, we’ve been busy speculating over every detail of this child. As you can see, we’ve already created a picture of what we imagine Snooki’s baby to look like, but what will she name it? How will she dress this baby — leopard print onesies? Where will it sleep — in the smush room or on top of the bean bag chair?

We’re anxious to see Snooki switch out her fist pump for a breast pump as she tends to a little Juicy Juicehead on the Jersey Shore. This blast in a bottle is sure to change things up for the roommates and the spin-off show Snooki and JWOWW are currently filming in Jersey City. Now, that’s a meatball-in-the-oven problem.

Here are some hypothetical baby names for Snooki and Jionni’s hypothetical fetus, some courtesy of the instantly popular Twitter hashtag #Snookibabynames:

— The Accident

— Cookapocalypse

— Merp

— Orange Ivy

— Lola

— Karma

— Cooki

— Lil Meatball

Whatever its name, we hope this baby enjoys its luxury accommodations in the smush room:

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