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What the job market will look like in 2031

We asked Rohit Talwar, CEO of forecasting firm Fast Future, for a report
20 years in advance. Hint: Start working on your farming skills now.

Congrats to Apple University, class of 2031?

“School funding will be a huge issue because of the booming costs of looking after retirees. That’s why companies will sponsor schools. In developed countries, the barrier between business and education will be blurred. Everything will be commercial and sponsored. If kids go to a school sponsored by a particular company, they might have to work for that company during the school breaks. Alternatively, they might pay one percent of their later income to the company that funded their school.”

Bad news for bank tellers, good news for nurses

“Bank tellers will essentially disappear by 2031, as will jobs like subway drivers and check-in agents at airports. Only those who pay a premium will get human service. At the same time, a range of jobs will be created to look after retirees. Vertical farming will provide new careers, as will new forms of transport and technology-based education.”

Fashion and retail get a makeover

“3-D printing will revolutionize manufacturing. Customers will be able to walk into a shop and design their own clothes, which will be manufactured on the spot. That will create new jobs, too.”

In the classroom

No more teachers, no more books? Well, not quite, but school is about to change:

“By 2031, education will have changed enormously, especially in developing countries. Technology will act as a teacher. There will be a teacher, but he or she will be many miles away.”

“Teachers will be a luxury. We’ll pay heavily for the specialization they provide, as technology can take care of most of the teaching.”

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