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What the movie posters really say

At the end of Oscar nomination week, one Internet jokester is poking fun at the films lukciy enough to be honored by the Academy — and some who weren’t so lucky.

The Shiznit has put its own spin on what the nominated films are truly about, reinventing each film’s poster to reveal the hidden message implicit in each nominee.

Here’s just a few to think about.

I guess he is more than just a pretty face.

Just a small hint that many Americans would rather remake an entire film than watch something with subtitles.

“The Help” was re-named after its implicit message, that racism can be solved by a bunch of nice white people standing up against one mean white person.

Finally, one for the road, “J. Edgar” was sadly left off this year’s list of nominated films. We’d say Leonardo’s Oscar streak was broken, but sadly, we’ve seen “Shutter Island.”

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