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What to do if your kid bumps his head

Falls are the main cause of brain injuries in kids under 10, which is why it’s important to install safety gates near stairs and buckle your baby into his stroller. If your child takes a tumble, follow this advice from Karameh Hawash, M.D., pediatric neurologist in the Brain Injury Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Note behavioral changes. Headaches, irritability, confusion and emotional changes are the most common signs of concussion in kids. Keep your child awake for six to 12 hours post-injury to monitor her.

Call your pediatrician if symptoms persist for more than a few hours. Dr. Hawash suggests that kids who have seen a doctor stay home from school and activities for a week.

Seek emergency care if your child starts to vomit, loses consciousness, sleeps excessively or exhibits changes in normal behavior.

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