What will happen to Obama's @POTUS Twitter account when Trump becomes president? - Metro US

What will happen to Obama’s @POTUS Twitter account when Trump becomes president?


Barack Obama will hand over the @POTUS account on Twitter, and its more than 13 million followers, to Donald Trump on Jan. 20:

  • Obama has been called the “social media president” for becoming the first U.S. leader to have an @POTUS account.
  • In 2015, President Obama sent his first tweet via @POTUS
  • Obama’s 13 million followers track his @POTUS on a daily basis.
  • The presidential account will add to Trump’s 20.3 million @realDonaldTrump followers.
  • The account will keepthe same followers, but all of Obama’s tweets will be deleted.
  • A new account dubbed @POTUS44 will be created to catalog all the tweets sent during President Obama’s administration.

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