What’s actually happening with Brangelina’s custody battle?

Getty Images

Ever since the couple formerly known as Brangelina filed for divorce in September, there hasn’t been a mug big enough to hold all of the tea that has come forth surrounding the Hollywood power couple. With child abuse allegations against Brad Pitt,mandatory drug tests, and the ongoing custody battle details, it’s honestly been hard to keep up with all the information.

We’ve sorted through this mess and looked to the most reliable source, TMZ of course, to get our facts straight. Some people seem to think Brad and Angelina have reached a settlement in their custody battle — but this isn’t true. While Angelina wants full custody of the kids, Brad filed for joint physical and legal custody on Friday. In the meantime, a temporary arrangement that grants Angelina primary custody and Brad monitored visitation has been extended while they figure it out.

Apparently there are some problems money can’t fix. Not sure if that makes us feel better or worse.

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