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What’s up with John Kerry’s face at the State of the Union address?

We know, you’re wondering what the deal is with John Kerry’s black and blue face. Don’t worry, he was not beaten up. It’s simply an injury after a friendly pick-up hockey game with friends and family.

His aides did not give too many details on what happened, but the Massachusetts Democrat suffered two black eyes and a broken nose. The Washington Post reported that it wasn’t a stick or a puck that’s to blame for Kerry’s bruises. The injury apparently occurred when he fell amid a multi-player pile-up during the game.

We don’t know about Kerry, but we’d be pretty mad if our ‘family and friends’ caused us a few shiners. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be invited to Thanksgiving this year.

For those of you who watched the State of the Union address, or rather, President Barack Obama entering the chamber before giving his speech, you probably heard the Chief jokingly telling Kerry to quit playing hockey.

So what do you think, Metro readers, is Gawker right in predicting Kerry’s bruised face will be this year’s scariest Halloween mask?

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