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When will Adrian Peterson be back? The odds on a fantasy football return in this 2014 season

Adrian Peterson will play in the NFL again. Whether he returns to the field next week or next year remains unclear.

Roger Goodell will be in charge of deciding Peterson’s fate for the remainder of the 2014 season, and it is highly unlikely that the commish will go easy on the Vikings running back. Goodell was absolutely hammered by the national media for going lightly on Ray Rice, and if he were to re-instate Peterson anytime within the next month not only would he have to deliver another awkward press conference, he would again have non-football types calling for his resignation.

The folks at MyTopSportsBooks.com posted the following odds regarding possible outcomes following the Peterson plea deal.

Odds on Adrian Peterson getting reinstated by NFL this year – 3/2

Odds on AdrianPeterson getting reinstated by NFLnext year – 1/4

Odds on which team AdrianPeterson will play for first, if and when he is reinstated:

Minnesota Vikings – 4/1

Dallas Cowboys – 6/1

Houston Texans – 9/1

Oakland Raiders – 10/1

Detroit Lions – 12/1

Odds of Adrian Peterson not being part of an NFL roster all of next season – 10/1

Peterson spoke with the media after the court proceedings this week but (thankfully) did not discuss his playing future. Rusty Hardin’s staff has no doubt had Peterson halt his social media ramblings as well, which had led to some bad PR due to the timing.

The only real change in the past month on Peterson’s official Twitter page has been the addition of a new avatar, which features a gold chain necklace with praying hands popping out of the back of his Vikings jersey.

The AllDayfoundation.org website features the same message that was present a month ago:

“The Adrian Peterson All Day Foundation website is temporarily offline to allow its charity partners to continue focusing on their outstanding community efforts rather than responding to the numerous media inquiries.

The Foundation will continue to support the various philanthropic causes that Adrian and his family care so deeply about.”

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