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Where to find the newest Citi Bike stations

Citi Bike

Citi Bike started rolling out its expansion on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side Tuesday with the installation of new docking stations.

Twenty-eight new stations will be installed uptown, from 85th to 100th streets, with additional stations to follow in Brooklyn.New stations are now open at East 88th Street/Park Avenue, East 88th Street/Fifth Avenue, West 87th Street/Amsterdam Avenue and West 87th Street/West End Avenue in Manhattan.

Along with the new expansion,Citi Bike also announced it is offering $25 off of annual memberships.

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Mayor Bill de Blasio, when making the annoucement, said he believes bringing Citi Bike to the Upper East Side and Upper West Side shows how much work is still in store for Manhattan.

“Citi Bike is a new transit option with the capacity to empower communities and fight inequality, so we are committed to bringing these docking stations further uptown to an even wider and more diverse audience — which I am proud to say is what we will be doing in the months ahead,” he said in a statement.

This round of expansions will add a total of 140 docking stations, with additional expansion in Brooklyn, according to the city. By the end of this year, Citi Bike will have more than 600 docking stations and 10,000 bikes. By 2017, the system will double in size to 12,000 bikes since in its initial launch in 2013.

“This new expansion of Citi Bike will bring it to neighborhoods that are hungry for bike share,” said Council Member Mark Levine. “The initial rollout of the program left low-income neighborhoods underrepresented, and I’m extremely pleased that under new management and with the leadership of this administration we are taking steps to rectify that. Expanding to 110th Street is a great additional step in scaling Citi Bike all across our city.”

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