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Where to haul your drywall

How can I get rid of drywall from my recent home reno?

Calvin, Vancouver

Whatever you do, do not put drywall (also known as gypsum board, wallboard, plasterboard, gypboard and sheetrock) into your residential garbage bins. Drywall is actually recyclable.

Gypsum Recycling International estimates that 40 tons of gypsum waste is landfilled around the globe each day.

Search for a waste transfer station in your city that accepts gypsum drywall.

Residents of Vancouver can drop off “residential quantities” of drywall at any regional transfer station or at the Vancouver Landfill. A residential quantity means one level pick-up truckload or less. If you have a large load, contact New West Gypsum Recycling. They recycle all non-asbestos-containing drywall from the region into new gypsum drywall.

Make sure your drywall does not contain asbestos. To dispose of gypsum drywall containing asbestos, call 604-RECYCLE for disposal options.

While you’re at it, check out how to recycle wood waste, too. Clean, unpainted, untreated wood waste can now be recycled at transfer stations and the Vancouver Landfill. Wood waste is added to the yard trimmings pile. Clean and some treated wood are also accepted at Urban Wood Waste Recyclers’ plant in South Vancouver.

Did you know you can also recycle asphalt shingles? They can be dropped off at a few facilities around Vancouver. Find the location closets to you on at David Suzuki Foundation
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