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Where to see varicose vein doctors in NYC

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Are you ready to do something about painful, unsightly varicose veins? You’ll likely need to see a phlebologist or a vascular surgeon, who can treat your varicose veins with a range of therapies, including endovascular lasers, sclerotherapy (injections that make veins seal up and dissolve) or minor surgery to strip out the problem veins (known as phlebectomy). It’s always a good idea to check in with your primary care doctor first about what’s bothering you; in fact, your health insurance may require they give you a referral. These are five well-regarded places to have varicose veins treated in the metro area, and we’ve listed some of the names of varicose vein doctors you should know.

Varicose Vein Doctors in NYC

Vein Treatment Center

Dr. Luis Navarro

A vascular surgeon for more than 35 years, Navarro founded this Upper East Side clinic as one of the first vein centers in the nation. He developed EVLT, a noninvasive method of treating veins with lasers, at a time when injections and surgery were the only game in town. Aside from treating painful varicose leg veins, he can also treat cosmetically undesirable veins on the hands and face.

327 East 65th Street, 212-249-6117, veintreatmentcenter.com

VIP Treatment Center

Dr. Nimrata Khimani, Dr. Michael Nguyen

VIP (for Vein Institute and Pain Center) has five locations in the metro area and offers a full complement of vein-removal services — from lasers to injections to minor surgery — by Ivy League-trained doctors. Although the locations have the ambiance of a luxury spa, they accept several forms of insurance.

1 Park Avenue, Suite 1C, 646-762-9129, vipmedicalgroup.com

Schulman Vein and Laser Center

Dr. Lee Schulman, Dr. Martin Schulman

With more than 50 years of experience, Dr. Martin Schulman was one of the first doctors to be board certified in the field of vascular surgery. Their practice focuses entirely on vein health, and their high ratings on Healthgrades, Yelp and Google speak to a satisfied clientele.

1165 Park Ave, 212-987-0500, schulmanveincenter.com

NYU Langone Vein Center

The first academic vein clinic to be officially accredited as a national vein center, NYU Langone has a large staff of vascular surgeons who focus on minimally invasive techniques informed by academic research.

530 First Avenue, Suite 6D, 877-834-6698, nyulangone.org

Northwell Health Vein Surgery at Union Square

Dr. Jennifer Svahn

Northwell Health continues to fill the gap left by the closure of hospitals below 14th Street; its new comprehensive vein clinic focuses on non-invasive laser therapy but offers a full complement of treatments. Many types of insurance are accepted.

95 University Place, 8th Floor, 212-434-3230, northwell.edu

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