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While you were sleeping…

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Good morning.

As you slept, a part of Baltimore burned and Maryland’s governor activated the National Guard after 15 police officers were injured after peaceful protesters and rock-throwing youngsters took to the streets on the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral.

On the other side of the world, Nepalese searched for quake survivors, and an Everest avalanche survivor vowed to continue his climb.

Gay rights advocates were gearing up to present their side of the argument in the Supreme Court’s historic hearing that is expected to make gay marriage a national right.

Baltimore said enough is enough

The country’s latest city to erupt in protest over police brutality was under curfew last night, ahead of schools being closed Tuesday, after the governor was forced to declare a state of emergency. Some angry demonstrators were seen throwing bottles and rocks at police, who were lined up in riot gear on the streets. Some buildings were looted, including a church that was set to become a senior home, which was set alight last night.

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Nepal searched for survivors

Families seethed as they dug through rubble to find their loved ones as parts of Nepal came under another weather warning due to impending rain and thunderstorms that authorities fear could cause further landslides. Relatives began to express their anger at the slow response by the government and the inability of relief to reach towns cut off by the earthquake. The country’s prime minister says the death toll could rise to 10,000 once numbers come in from remote villages.

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A wake turned deadly

Mourners were shot dead outside a Brooklyn church after a fight broke out at the funeral of a guy that reports say could have been a Bloods gang member.

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Judges prepared to judge gay marriage

The U.S. Supreme Court supremos are going to hear arguments for and against gay marriage today. It’s a pretty big milestone: By June they’re going to decide whether to make same-sex matrimony legal nationwide.

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An Everest climb was planned

Despite escaping the avalanche that killed 17 when it hit Mount Everest base camp after the Nepal mega-quake and helping recover the dead, climber Nick Cienski plans to continue his record-breaking climb. “We are climbers, and this is sort of what we do,” he said.

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