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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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As you lay in your bed, most people in Vanuatu had lost theirs. The country’s president blamed the disaster on climate change.John Kerry worked with Iran to avert a very different sort of man-madedisaster.

A man was busted for the Ferguson cop shooting, and Dolce & Gabbanna faced a boycott after being busted for anti-IVF comments. An artist replaced lost people with scarecrows in a dying Japanese village.

Vanuatu was devastated

More than 90% of the buildings in Vanuatuwere in ruins after cyclone Pam ripped through thethe South Pacific nation’s islands, revealed its president. So far eight deaths have been reported but its expected that the number will rise as communication is restored with outlying islands.

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A Ferguson cop shooter was booked

Cops have found and charged a 20-year-old in connection with the shooting of two cops at the demo outside Ferguson police HQ. Agroup of pro-police supporters had a heated exchange with those there to condemn police racism on Sunday, as protests continue.

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John Kerry engaged in nuclear talks

Secretary of State is busy trying to find a compromise with his Iran counterpart, which will allow six major countries to drop sanctions in exchange for Iran holding fire on its nuclear program.

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Celebs joined Elton John’s Dolce & Gabbana boycott

Elton John, Victoria Beckham, Courtney Love and Ricky Martin are amongst the celebs slamming the Italian designers on Twitter for calling IVF babies “synthetic”. The designers who were once a couple said they favoured the traditional family structure face a boycott, with John quoting the hashtag #BoycottDolceGabbana .

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Scarecrows outnumbered people in a weirdJapanese village

No residents? No problem! A Japanese artistliving in a mountain village with a dwindlingpopulationhas replaced its dead folk and the kids who’ve moved to the citywithscarecrows. More than 150 creepy life-size dolls sit at abandoned school desks and loiter on street corners.

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