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While you were sleeping…

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Good morning.

Before you woke up, presidential hopeful Rand Paul prepared his bid, while Hillary Clinton was criticized by China for her criticism.

A family died of poisoning, while a pioneer of cosmetic poison use was found dead.

An Oregon mom scored free drugs in a Walmart toy.

Rand Paul prepared his 2016 bid

Kentucky Sen. Paul is set to announce his presidential bid today. The word on the street is that he’s planning to hedge his bets by reaching out to the whole Republican spectrum, from rabid gun-toting libertarians to old-school Wall Street Conservatives.

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China criticized Hillary’s criticism

The superpower told Westerners to mind their own business after Hillary Clinton tweeted that their detention of five feminists was “inexcusable.” The activists, who had planned a demo against sexual harassment, have been detained without trial, and some of them are in poor shape in jail.

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A family was poisoned

Eight members of the same family died after carbon monoxide leaked from the generator in their Maryland home. It should serve as a reminder of the importance of putting a detector in your own place.

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A poison pioneer comitted suicide

Dr Frederic Brandt, who used the poison botox and fillers to create the plump ‘New New Face’ for celebrities and socialites including Madonna, was found dead at his Miami mansion. The depressive surgeon, who tested all procedures on himself, was upset by a recent spoof on a Tina Fey show.

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A mom scored free weed

An Oregon mom got more than she bargained for after she raked Walmart’s bargain rack for an Easter gift. When she went to assemble her toddler’s toy, she found some parts missing – replaced with bags of marijuana.

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