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While you were sleeping…

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Happy Friday!

Here’s a quick look at what made headlines after you went to bed last night. In news that’ll make everyone in the Northeast jump for joy, the brutal winter storm finally headed out. Apple also allowed companies like Facebook and BMW to fine-tune their apps for the Apple Watch.

After a year of searching for Flight 370, Malaysia Airlines has upgraded its system for tracking its aircraft. Near-bankrupt Greece also made the first move toward paying off a massive bailout loan.

Winter storm finally shoved off

The winter storm that brought approximately two feet of snow to parts of the eastern U.S. is finished terrorizing us all. The bad news? The frigid weather isn’t over. The National Weather Service says to expect temperatures to be anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees below average throughout the eastern United States. Road conditions are also dangerous in some areas due to ice and slush. Yesterday, the governor of Kentucky even declared a state of emergency.

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Apple let companies tweak their apps ahead of smartwatch launch

Before the much-anticipated Apple Watch launches, the tech giant allowed some companies (including Facebook and BMW) to test their apps beforehand to make necessary adjustments. Bloomberg reports that these new apps will make their debut along with the smartwatch. The device will give users the ability to check email, make purchases and more – all from their wrist. Apple Watch, which launches in April, will be showcased at a special event on March 9 in San Francisco.

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Malaysia Airlines upgraded its plane-tracking system

One year after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemingly disappeared into thin air, the airline has upgraded the way in which it tracks its planes. The International Civil Aviation Organization is proposing new global standards that would require all aircraft to report their location every 15 minutes. While these guidelines are not yet mandated, Malaysia Airlines has gone ahead and launched a trial run of a system that does just that. The search for MH370 is currently focused on the Indian Ocean, just west of Perth, Australia.

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Greece began paying back its massive loans

It’s no secret that Greece is hurting for cash, but the Mediterranean country has been able to repay 310 million euros to the International Monetary Fund. The payment represents the first step toward breaking even on a 1.5 billion euro loan from the IMF. Greece is responsible for paying off the remainder of the loan in three other installments later this month. Future aid from EU/IMF lenders won’t come unless Athens lives up to the reforms that were promised under its bailout.

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