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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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While you’re wiping the sleep out of your eyes, here’s a peek at what happened during the night. A Japanese island overrun with cats attracted tons of tourists, while critics questioned just how effective new extra-secure credit cards will be against hacking.

Hundreds of parents in Pakistan were arrested for refusing to give their children the polio vaccine, and American pro golfer Paula Creamer hit a few balls ahead of the HSBC Women’s Champion event.

Cats outnumbered people six to one on Japanese island

The main tourist attraction on the mile-long Japanese island of Aoshima is cats – lots and lots of cats. The remote destination (aptly referred to as “Cat Island”) is home to over 120 furry friends. In fact, they outnumber humans six to one. Legend has it that these feral cats are the descendants of others that were introduced to Aoshima years ago to remedy the islands mice problem. Today Cat Island is a desolate spot that offers little for tourists, yet they continue to come in droves to see the felines.

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Pricy new credit cards sparked talk of limited security protection

New security-enhanced credit cards will be making their U.S. debut in October. While experts say the new cards will be more difficult to clone, they still won’t protect against all types of cyber attacks – especially since 63 percent of credit card fraud is unrelated to counterfeit cards. What’s more is that the new technology will still be susceptible to other forms of hacking. The transition, which will cost $8.65 billion, will also require retailers nationwide to upgrade their payment terminals.

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Pakistani parents refused to vaccinate kids against polio

Hundreds of parents have been arrested in Peshawar, Pakistan after refusing to give their children the polio vaccine. Some members of the community, including Taliban forces, are rallying against the vaccinations. Government officials in Pakistan say that at the root of the opposition is a fear that vaccination campaigns will ultimately weaken Islam. Last year, over 300 polio cases occurred in Pakistan. Even still, recent data shows that almost 60,000 Pakistani kids have missed out on the vaccine this year because their parents refused.

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Pro golfer Paula Creamer prepped for HSBC Women’s Champion event

After clinching the HSBC Women’s Champions event last year with a 75-foot eagle putt, pro golfer Paula Creamer is hoping for a repeat performance in 2015. The American is currently in Singapore preparing to defend her champion title. In between rehearsals, she reminisced with reporters about last year’s big win where she put an end to her four-year title drought by defeating Spain’s Azahara Munoz.

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