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While you were sleeping…

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While people watched a rare solar eclipse on the other side of the world, a man was compensated for doing time for a murder he didn’t commit as a nurse was booked for killing an unborn baby. FBI investigated whether a Mississippi hanging was suicide or lynching.

A historic diner was set for conservation while Amazon looked to the future as they tested delivery drones.

Awrongfully-jailed man became a millionaire

An Ohio man was awarded $1m after serving 39 years for a murder that he didn’t do. Poor Ricky Jackson was a teen when he was put away despite witnesses retracting their evidence,and is the longest-held prisoner to be cleared of a crime.

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The nurse who cut a baby from its mother’swomb was arrested

While a Colorado woman was trying to recover from having her unborn child cut from her belly,the former nurse-aidewho stole the fetus was arrested. She attacked the mom-to-be who came to her home in response to a Craiglist ad offering baby clothes.

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FBI asked: was hanging a lynching?

The bureau is investigating the death of a black Mississippi man who was found hanging from a tree. It’s not clear whether Otis Byrd committed suicide or was murdered.

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Norms diner had preservation on the menu

LA conservationists want the iconic 1950s diner to be designated as a cultural monument, after developers mooted its demolition. The distinctive eatery with its cool sloping roofmade famous in Tom Waits’ “Eggs and Sausage” is a superb example of mid-century ‘Googie’ architecture.

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Amazon tested delivery drones

The internet shopping empire is experimenting with drone deliveries, that could fly your parcel to your place at up to 50mph. One of many questions still be answered: do the drones post your new Blu-rayin your mailbox, or do you havea to stand outside your apartment block to catch it?

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