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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning

As you lay under your comforter, Yemen was under fire, again.

Crowds gathered for Baltimore protests, while Apple didn’t expect queues for its new watch.Venice Beach wanted equal rights for topless sunbathers.

A New Jersey grandma and murderer faced 55 years.

Saudi restarted strikes

Remember yesterday when everyone in the Middle East breathed a sigh of relief when Saudi Arabia said it would stop bombing Yemen in a conflict that could escalate into a wider crisis? Well they’ve just started strikes again.

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Freddie Gray custody cops confessed

Protesters clashed with police last night at a heated demonstration over the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. Five out of the six cops involved finally gave statements to the police who are working out how Gray came out of a van with a broken spine.

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The Apple watch was anticipated, maybe

Are you expecting the new smart watch to be the apple of your i? Apple’s not sure. It doesn’t think queues will snake round the block and has planned a low-key launch with few stores stocking the watch.

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Venice Beach voted for equality in nudity

The famously alternative California beach district wants to allow women to go topless. It’s an equal rights thing, say councillors, plus it would give the spot a more European – read sophisticated – feel.

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A Grandma murderer faced 55 years

Compared by a judge to notorious mobster Al Capone, New Jersey murderer Loretta Doyle Burroughs butchered her husband and told family he’d run off with another woman as she headed out the door on vacation. She kept his remains in containers – which she took with her on two house moves.

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