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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning.

When you woke up grumpy, Obama woke up irie in Jamaica. Islamic extremists hacked a TV network and offered gold for their enemies.

Oklahoma passed an anti-abortion law, while most other U.S. proved to be more progressive.

Obama started a Caribbean tour

He got a warm welcome when he arrived in Jamaica for talks with Caribbean leaders and shoehorned in a visit to the Bob Marley museum last night. He’s arrived during carnival but he’ll be swerving the fun for a serious summit.

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TV5Monde was hacked

ISIS hackers hijacked the French global TV network’s social media sites and shut down its channels. It was still trying to restore some channels and its website first thing this morning.

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Al Qaeda offered a gold bounty

The Islamic extremist group is wading into the Sunni vs. Houthi Muslim battle in Yemen. It’s offered 40 pounds of gold to anyone who can bring them the heads of the Houthi leader and the country’s popular ex-president.

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Oklahoma passed an anti-abortion law

Social conservatives in Oklahoma followed Kansas with a new law banning the procedure used in second-trimester abortions, which will basically make it very hard to have abortions at that stage.

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In contrast, most Americans proved progressive

Thankfully, most of the rest of us are nice and open-minded, a bit like Obama, who just called for an end to wacko LGBT “conversion therapies.” The majority of us don’t approve of the new law allowing businesses to refuse services on religious grounds and we’re happy that people can marry people of the same sex if they want. Good news for “Looks Like We Made It” megastar Barry Manilow, who kept his 2014 marriage to his partner of 30 years quiet for fear of upsetting his fans — until the National Enquirer spilled the beans.

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