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While you were sleeping…

Good morning!

​Before you got up for work, Drake released an album and Bill Cosby canceled a show. Celebrated media columnist David Carr had died.

Amanda Knox was engaged and Alabama gay couples got married after a Federal judge overruled a state ban.

Drake released a surprise LP

The rapper’s fans woke up to an unexpected surprise, a new 17-track album released on iTunes, announced with a simple link from a tweet. Before long the hashtag named after the album, #IfYoureReadingThisItsTooLate, was trending nationally and it was getting decent reviews.

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Media columnist David Carr died

The hugely-respected journalist died after collapsing at the offices of the New York Times, where he was a columnist. It’s the second loss of a media heavyweight in just two days, after CBS’ newsman Bob Simon was killed in a car crash in Manhattan on Wednesday.

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Another Cosby show was canceled

The comedian canned another performance on his stand-up tour as two more accusers came forward. The two latest claimants say that Cosby drugged and sexually abused them when they were young models.

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Alabama gay couples were married

A Federal judge ordered an Alabama court to get on with handing out marriage licenses to long-suffering gay couples waiting to get married. County courts are still confused because the state’s attorney general has demanded a same-sex marriage ban, despite a federal ruling saying it is now legal in the state.

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Amanda Knox had said ‘yes’

The woman labeled by the media as ‘Foxy Knoxy’ when she was accused of slaughtering her British roommate while they were both studying in Italy, is set to marry a rock musician that she met at school. Acquitted, then reconvicted of the murder in absentia, she is now living in Seattle and works as a journalist.

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