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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning!

As you hit ‘snooze’ on your alarm, Obama prepared to discuss the Ukraine crisis. Bombs killed civilians in Iraq’s capital. China’s authorities executed a mobster and an Australian shark killed a Japanese surfer.

As stars celebrated British movie award wins, a rocket waited to go into space.

Obama hoped for a Ukraine solution

German Chancellor Angela Merkel flew in for talks with the President today. They’re hoping to hatch plans to help resolve the Ukraine crisis, ahead of a meeting on Wednesday between Merkel, and leaders of France, Ukraine and Russia to try to broker a peace deal.

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China executed a millionaire mobster

Authorities in China put to death a tycoon, who was once the country’s 230thrichest person, found guilty of murder and running a Mafia-style gang. It comes as part of a crack down on corruption in the country.

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A rocket set for lift-off

ASpaceX rocket is scheduled for blast off at exactly 6.07pm today. It’s second-time lucky for the rocket, after its launch last night was cancelled because of a technical glitch less than three minutes before it was meant to lift off. It’s carrying theDeep Space Climate Observatory, a weather satellite that’s designed to replace a 17-year-old one.

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15 died in Baghdad bombings

More than 15 people died and 30 were wounded in two bomb attacks in around the Iraqi capital this morning. This comes after a spate of bombings on Saturday in which 37 were killed.

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A surfer died in a shark attack

Australian authorities have closed beaches on the country’s eastern coast after a Japanese surfer was killed by a shark. It’s the second shark attack in two days.

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Richard Linklater and Julianne Moore celebrated British movie award wins

Compared to Kanye’sattention-seeking behavior episode at the Grammys, the UK’s BAFTA movie award ceremony was far more sedate. Key winners at the British answer to the Oscarsincluded “Boyhood”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, and actors Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne.

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