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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning!

Before you got up, the doomedTransAsiaflight pilot was hailed a hero. Islamic militants lost the Syrian town of Kobani, and were bombed outside Damascus.

A Missouri boy recovered from a twisted ‘stranger danger’ lesson, and Australiabushfire victims were compensated.

Taiwan’s air crash pilot was hailed a hero

The body of the air pilot who swerved the doomed TransAsia plane away from buildings to save lives was found clutching the plane’s joystick. A fortunate 15 passengers survived the crash thanks to his ‘heroic’ actions after the plane lost thrust shortly after take-off.

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Women were charged for teaching a twisted lesson

In a demented attempt to teach a boy who was “too nice” a lesson about stranger danger, his mother taught him that you can’t trust your family either. The six-year-old’s mother, aunt and grandma orchestrated a seriously scary staged kidnapping, during which his hands and legs were bound and he was told he would be nailed to a wall and sold into sexual slavery.

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Islamic rebels were killed in Syria strikes

In retaliation for rocket attacks the day before, Syrian armed forces executed 60 strikes on militants outside the city of Damascus, killing 82 fighters and civilians incluidng 18 kids. Islamic extremists are in the firing line: yesterday Jordan’s Royal Air Forcebombed the hell out of ISIS targets in a show of force after they released a video showing the brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot.

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And they were defeated in Syria

The Syrian town of Kobani might have no water or power, most of its residents are now in refugee camps in Turkey and it is still surrounded by ISIS forces, but its residents were celebrating their defeat of the Islamic extremists that have been holding the town siege for the last four months.

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Australia’s bushfire victims got compensation

The state, an energy company and a maintenance contractor were ordered to pay out compensation of $235m to the victims of Australia’s worst-ever natural disaster, wildfires that ripped across the state of Victoria in 2009. 173 people died in the fires, and thousands lost their homes.

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