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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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​Overnight, Chinese sources revealed that ISIS has killed foreign defectors. China was offended by the Argentine president’s inappropriate tweet.

Air crash survivors said they had switched seats and saved their lives, while healthcare insurer​Anthem lost medical data in a cyberattack.

Sports Illustrated revealed its revealing Swimsuit Issue cover.

We learned that ISIS kills foreign defectors

A lesson for anyone considering joining the ranks of the Islamic State: don’t change your mind when you get there. A Chinese newspaper has reported that ISIS has been executing foreign militants who have joined their forces then tried to flee, including a Chinese youngster who had decided he wanted to go back to university rather than fight.

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The Chinese were offended by Argentina’s president’s idiotic tweet

On a diplomatic visit to China, President Cristina Fernandez managed to offend her host country by making a fantastically inappropriate tweet, joking about the Chinese way of pronouncing the letter ‘r’. Try speaking in Chinese, Ms Fernandez.

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Hackers stole customer details from healthcare insurer Anthem

Customer and employee names, addresses, social security number and birth dates were stolen from the IT system of the country’s number two healthcare insurer. Anthem said no financial or medical details were involved.

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Air crash survivors said they had made a seat move

A family who survived the Taipei air crash revealed that they had changed to the other side of the plane just before take-off. The couple and their toddler moved seats after the father heard a suspicious noise, and as a result when the aircraft crashed they were able to escape with their lives.

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We saw the new Swimsuit Issue cover

The racy cover of this year’siconic annualSports Illustrated issue was revealed on the Jimmy Fallon show. Following in the footsteps of bikini-clad supers including Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks, this year’s cover star is 24-year-old model Hannah Davis.

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