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Whitey Bulger: Whitey’s girlfriend indicted

Federal authorities announced today that fugitive mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger’s girlfriend was indicted for helping to hide the South Boston native while he fled from police.

Catherine Greig, 60, was charged with conspiracy to harbor and conceal a fugitive.

The duo was arrested in June in Santa Monica, Calif., where they had rented an apartment for nearly 12 years.

Greig was originally held on a criminal complaint after being found with Bulger.

There is little new information in the 13-page indictment. Much of the information about the couple’s time hiding from law enforcement was revealed during Greig’s bail hearing last month.

However, the indictment does show that Greig “falsely informed a property manager at the apartment … that her husband ‘Charlie’ was ill with emphysema, which was intended as a false explanation for why Bulger stayed in the apartment as much as he did and for why the apartment windows had the shades pulled which had the effect of shielding Bulger from unnecessary exposure,” according to the complaint.

Soon after their arrest reports indicated that Bulger may have been ill or that neighbors in Santa Moncia were told he was ill. However, it was not clear what illness Bulger may or may not have been suffering from.

Charlie refers to Charles Gasko, which was an alias allegedly used by Bulger.

If convicted, Greig could spend up to 5 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.