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Who are the people moving to New York City?

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Plenty of people have written about moving to New York City, and a fair number have also written about why they move away from here, but where are all these people coming from and headed to?

Real estate site StreetEasy looked into this in their latest report and, just like New Yorkers themselves, the findings are pretty diverse.

More than 264,000 people moved to New York in the past year, according to StreetEasy, and they’re coming in from all over: 35 percent of these new New Yorkers came from abroad, and 65 percent from within the United States.

That’s certainly a large influx of people moving to New York City — just about 3 percent of the city’s overall 8.5 million population — and it adds to the number of people moving around in general. Nearly 900,000 New Yorkers move in a given year, the mayority of which are moving within the five boroughs, the city said. 

A previous StreetEasy report looked into where these once-New Yorkers are moving to and found that many of them are trading in life in the Northeast for somewhere sunny, like Florida and California.

But apparently a lot of people are willing to trade in palm trees and tepid winters for life in the five boroughs, as well. At 9 percent, one of the biggest shares of people moving to New York City from within the U.S. are relocating from California, particularly Los Angeles and San Francisco counties, according to StreetEasy.

The next most popular state to leave in favor of New York is Florida, with more than 6 percent, or around 15,000, of transplants coming in from the Sunshine State.

Of course, plenty of people move to the five boroughs from closer by, as well. People from New Jersey, other areas of New York like the Hudson Valley and upstate, and Connecticut make up 43 percent of those moving to New York City, and most of them land in Manhattan or Queens, according to the report. A small percent of those who move to New York City originally hail from Chicago, Boston and Washington. 

Though their hometowns vary, these new New Yorkers share some similarities: Almost two-thirds of those moving to New York City are young adults between ages 18 and 34, per the report. Only 20 percent are 35 to 59 years old, and at less than 6 percent, those over 60 are the smallest group of those moving to New Yorker — though that may not be a big surprise, as Florida has long been a retiree’s state of choice.