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Who did Colton eliminate from The Bachelor season 23 last night?

Colton takes Heather on a one-on-one on The Bachelor season 23
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The Bachelor season 23 returned for its fifth week on Monday and while Colton Underwood and the gang were still in Singapore, things weren’t all sunshine and roses. After the two-hour episode was done, Colton received an emotional love confession from one fan favorite as another tearfully decided that the romantic reality series just wasn’t her thing. And while emotions definitely were running high, no one saw the fiery blowout between Onyeka and Nicole coming — but once the drama hit, it not only caused tension all throughout the house, the whole fiasco sent Colton on a long walk to nowhere.

Who was eliminated in week five of The Bachelor season 23? Here are all the worthy highlights from the episode to help answer that complicated question.

The Bachelor season 23 gives Heather a one-on-one date … and her first kiss

The first one-on-one date of episode five ended up going to Heather, much to Elyse’s chagrin. After admitting to the camera that she’s been second-guessing her connection with Colton since their own one-on-one date in San Diego a few weeks back, she comes off completely distraught by the news that she hasn’t been picked for more alone time with the Bachelor. But we’ll get back to that …

For their date, Colton took Heather for a low-key romantic journey around Singapore, culminating with them taking in the sunset. It was clear that Heather was hoping for her first kiss to finally happen on this date, and once the sun went down, she opened up a bit more to Colton about why she’d never locked lips with anyone. After telling him she was in an eight-month relationship where it didn’t happen, the Bachelor shared her concerns about making sure her first kiss is a special moment, but also that she shouldn’t build it up too much in her head. With that out of the way, the evening on this floating island ended under a sky-full of fireworks. And yes, Heather finally got her kiss.

The Bachelor season 23

Elyse tearfully nopes out of The Bachelor season 23

After Heather returned from her date, Elyse was clearly not feeling this whole competition thing. The 31-year-old makeup artist was already expressing doubts regarding sharing the romantic attention from Colton with the other women in the house. But that’s literally what being on The Bachelor is all about. Maybe she didn’t completely understand what she was signing up for? Regardless, everything came to a head for the fan favorite once Cassie received the second one-on-one date of the episode. Elyse walked out and headed over to Colton’s room to have a talk.

Sitting down with Colton, Elyse tearfully said, “I struggled a lot because I want to know all the silly stupid things about you and how… I want the time and attention that a relationship deserves.” We can’t fault her. But again, this is what The Bachelor is all about.”F**k, you’re breaking my heart,” Colton replied. And if you were wondering if this was indeed a breakup you were witnessing, you’d be right. “I can’t accept a proposal after a few months of sharing your time and attention with other people. I can’t do it,” Elyse admitted. “You want something that I can’t promise. […] I listen to these girls talk about how much they’re falling in love with you. This isn’t working for me. I have to leave.” At the very least, we have to give her credit for knowing her boundaries.

Colton looks to rebound in the jungle on The Bachelor season 23

The day after Elyse exited the series, Colton decided to take his next group date into the heart of the jungle. His motives were to push his limits and that of the women and, for the most part, it worked. Hannah B. swallowed a grub, Nicole stuck her hand into an eel’s hidey hole and Tayshia held onto a scorpion. But as the women were broken up into teams with the goals of finding items in the forest they could live off of, one group decided it was more logical to stay within their respective comfort zones.

Demi, Hannah G. and Hannah B. ended up heading off to a nearby hotel and brought back some burgers and a bottle of champagne. “These other ladies can suck maggots. But me? I’m drinking champagne,” Demi said to the camera. It seemed that Colton appreciated their tenacity … and that burger. But when all was said and done, the group date rose was given to Hannah B., who impressed Colton with her quick decision to eat that bug. In their sitdown together, Hannah B. confesses that she’s falling in love before getting another kiss.

Colton and Cassie get stranded on The Bachelor season 23

For the second one-on-one date of the episode, Colton took Cassie to their own private island. Sure, it may have been a very tiny plot of land in the middle of the ocean, but it was enough to set the mood. After she found time in between their watery makeout sessions, Colton admitted to the camera, “I am insanely attracted to Cassie.” It’s clear that their chemistry was instant since day one, and it’s definitely something the other women in the house have taken note of.

Later in the day, Cassie confessed a personal issue to Colton: She’s … not a virgin. “It’s kind of a scary thing, just thinking about different members of my extended family and my community who don’t know that I’m not a virgin,” Cassie admitted to Colton. “They might judge me for it, and so then, I don’t know. It might be some tough conversations going back home, or maybe some judgment back home. And that’s not easy.” The admission may have sounded a bit odd compared to Colton’s own virginity thing, but it still led Cassie to his bed where they ended their date. “Cassie is amazing. My gut and my heart is telling me to go all in,” Colton admitted. 

Onyeka and Nicole go at it on The Bachelor season 23, and Colton’s having none of it

After Elyse left the show, Onyeka decided it was best for her to warn Colton about Nicole’s actual intentions. But the whole scenario, which involved Onyeka saying Nicole was only here to find a reason to leave Miami, ended up being based on hearsay. The confrontation was inspired by something she heard Elyse say in passing, and it wasn’t the best move. The moment sparked a fire between the two and by the episode’s end, some epic drama hit the proverbial fan. Nicole did her best to set the record straight, tearfully telling Colton, “I came here for the possibility of love … I don’t want a boyfriend. I don’t want an Instagram husband.” Any moment like this wouldn’t be complete without some shade throwing and, with tears in her eyes, Nicole told Colton that Onyeka was a bully who called her “mentally unstable.” “It seriously makes my stomach upset,” Colton admitted.

Things then got worse. Trying to stay transparent and keep a line of communication open with everyone is a nice thought, but Colton telling Onyeka what Nicole told him only stoked the issue further. Even though Onyeka told Colton she never called Nicole mentally unstable, it was mere seconds before she said to the camera, “Nicole’s literally a psycho.” During the night’s cocktail hour, Onyeka and Nicole had a screaming match within earshot of the rest of the women, and Colton, who ended up joining them to listen. “I just came over here because I heard you guys yelling,” he told them. But it doesn’t take long at all for him to bail from the fight, the cocktail party and the house altogether. “I’m over it,” he says to himself angrily, walking along the beach. 

Who was eliminated from The Bachelor season 23 last night?

After a jam-packed episode of emotional outbursts and confessions of love, Colton eliminated no one. Aside from Elyse leaving, which narrows the number of women remaining to 12, the fight between Onyeka and Nicole was too much for him to bear. And as we watched him exit the building, muttering to himself on the beach, everyone in the house — from the women fighting, to the rest of the contestants — were on edge regarding the Bachelor’s mental state.

Was this the straw that broke the camel’s back? “What if he’s about to call it quits?” Caelynn asks the camera. That’d be an interesting turn of events, indeed.

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