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Who is green shirt guy and why was he laughing?

Who is Green Shirt Guy? That was the question on everyone’s mind this week after a viral video showed a guy having a good laugh at an outpoken Trump supporter. 

Once the video started making the rounds, #GreenShirtGuy started trending. In the video, shot during a Tucson City Council meeting, an anti-immigrant Trump supporter is shouting in protest, as Green Shirt Guy hysterically laughs. A reporter tweeted video of the moment saying, “Scene inside a Tucson City Council Meeting. Officials voted to put a “Sanctuary City” measure on the November ballot.”

The Trump supporter, a woman, wore a red Make American Great Again hat and daisy duke style shorts, and held signs as she yelled about immigration.

In another tweet, the reporter who captured the video clarified the incident, saying “Two notes: 1) The city was legally required to put the measure on the ballot because the group proposing the initiative collected enough signatures 2) The people asked to leave did not speak during a public comment period held right before the vote.” 

The viral video had about 9 million views by Thursday morning, but the world wants to know, who is Green Shirt Guy?

According to KVOA.com, “Green Shirt Guy” has been identified as Alex Kack. Washington Post reported that Kack is 28 years old and is a field organizer with People’s Defense Initiative, and his side hustle is stand-up comedy.

Why was Green Shirt Guy laughing?

He told KVOA.com, the reason why he was laughing was that “People really took time out of their day to go interrupt a city council meeting to just yell crazy, ignorant, racist, hate-filled stuff in the most absurd manner they could possibly do it.”

Additionally, he said, “It’s an incredibly dark time and there is a lot of hateful rhetoric that’s happening nationwide right now but ultimately the majority of this country – regardless of their political affiliation – understands that the loudest voices happening right now are kinda ridiculous. And I think the laughter is resonating because that’s how people feel right now,”

He wasn’t the only viral moment that happened during the meeting, Twitter users with eagle eyes spotted an older gentleman with a banjo in the background of the video, who later on had his own, small viral moment. The reporter additionally tweeted, “For people asking about the guy with the banjo. Here he is. #GreenShirtGuy” 


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