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Who the heck has magical powers in ‘Game of Thrones’

The world looks real enough, alright but lurking behind the realistic façade of “Game of Thrones” is a whole wild world of magic — so much so that its getting pretty hard to keep track of who has magical powers and who doesn’t.

Metro has a guide to help you figure it out:

Game of Thrones Characters with Magical Powers


Leaf and her fellow Children of the Forest were the first inhabitants of Westeros. They accidentally created the White Walkers when they used their magic to fend off invading humans. Obviously that didn’t work out well. They can also throw fireballs.

The Night King

He’s made of ice and can raise the dead, ’nuff said.

The Faceless men (and Arya)

The religious cult of assassins known as the Faceless Men worship the Many-Faced God and use their belief system to justify killing people for money. They have the ability to shapeshift (magic) and can transform into whoever they have killed by cutting off their face and wearing it.

From birthing a demon baby that murdered Renly Baratheon to deadly blood magic to her magic necklace that makes her look years younger, Melisandre has performed the most obvious magic so far in “Game of Thrones.” Oh yea, she also brought Jon Snow back to life (thank goodness).

Jon Snow

Speaking of Jon Snow — is he magic too? We think so. I mean he did come back from the dead, after all.

In the books, the Stark children (Jon included) have a special bond with their direwolf pets which allows them to “warg” into them — a.k.a. mentally inhabit their bodies. While this is downplayed in the show, there’s a running theory that Jon Snow was able to be brought back to life because he warged into his direwolf, Ghost, before he died.

Thoros of Myr

Though he doesn’t get as much screen time as some of the other “Game of Thrones” characters, Thoros has resurrected Lord Beric Dondarrion on several occasions, he can light his sword on fire using blood magic, and he has given Beric the ability to do magic too.

The Three-Eyed Raven

The three-eyed raven takes Brandon Stark on an impressive journey traveling through different times in the “Game of Thrones” history.

Bran Stark

Bran is obviously magic. He can warg into beasts and Hodor and he has the ability to travel through time and even affect it.

Pyat Pree

The Qartheen warlock uses illusions to imprison people, which he does to Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons so that he can feed on their magic to make his own magic stronger.

Unfortunately for him he didn’t figure in the flame effect factor and the dragons burn him alive.

Daenerys Targaryan

She’s fireproof and summons dragons.

Mirri Maz Duur

The Dothraki witch brought Khal Drogo back from the dead, though she obviously wasn’t as good at it as Thoros and Melisandre — Khal Drogo was basically just a zombie, though that may have been intentional. We can’t say.


Quaithe is the Showdowbinder from Asshai who appears to have powers of prophecy and clairvoyance. She’s only appeared once — in season 2, but many fan theories expect her return.

Jojen Reed

Jojen posseses the power of greensight — or prophetic dreams, which allows him to perceive the future, past or present in his dreams. Jojen’s time is up in “Game of Thones,” though. He was fatally injured by the wights and then his sister, Meera, mercy-killed him.

Maggy the Frog

Seen only so far in a flashback, this woods witch predicted Cersei would have three blonde children, all of who would receive crowns and then die.

The Pyromancers

The alchemists that make the green exploding stuff are more than just alchemists, they make wildfire.


Qyburn is the magic surgeon who sewed his dead patient Sir Gregor Clegane back together, bringing him back to life — sort of.

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