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Who was #HotDebateGuy? Mystery solved


Last night’s CNN GOP debate made quite a stir, with candidates taking swipes at eachother and unkowingly (and desperately) competing for attention with a very attractive audience member.

This audience member.

But who is this mystery man who stole the hearts of millions of voters?

His name is Gregory “Greg” Caruso, a graduate of USC’s film school and a “pro” user on Vimeo, which is a goldmine of information about Caruso and his taste in films.

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“I believe some of the most inspirational, meticulously stylized, artistically crafted way of story telling, flourished especially after World War II, in the 1940s,” Caruso writes, unknowingly making thousands (if not millions of people) weak in the knees. “I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot in my life with my family and feel I have a global appreciation for art, architecture, culture, and film in general. “

CNN got a hold of Caruso who told the network he found his sudden internet fame “hilarious.”

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The 24-year-old is (surprise, surprise) a huge fan of Ronald Reagan and thought that “Carly Fiorina did a great job and was in her element.”

Don’t even bother trying to find him; he’s not on Facebook or Twitter. Believe us, we desperately searched.

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